In 2018 we are launching our Community Supported Forest Agriculture Program. Membership is an equity share investment that pays a full return of perennial food security. The program enables us to bypass lending institutions by appealing directly to our community. This economic model allows us to focus on a diversity of products from the farm and forest rather than specializing on a few cash crops. Most importantly this approach serves the primary mission of regenerating this magnificent forest towards an enduring legacy of abundance.

  Most are familiar with community supported agriculture (CSA), where members pre-purchase shares of the seasons harvest and receive a weekly box of produce. While some CSAs still follow this format, many have moved to an “ala carte” distribution system, where members choose from a list of seasonal offerings which are debited from their prepaid shares. Plant and Gather will distribute by the latter method, offering members flexibility to choose from our expanding list of products along with the educational and recreational aspects of membership.

  The seasonal list of products, services and events will be regularly updated in the online Farm Store, through facebook and our mailing list. The variety and quantities will increase throughout 2018 and over the coming  years as new crops are introduced and mature.  Reflecting the perennial nature of our offerings, member credits do not expire until they are exchanged for farm goods and services in 2018 or any other season in the future.

 Members pre-purchase dollar-for-dollar credits that may be exchanged for any combination of:

  • Seasonal produce, herbs, honey, eggs and value added products

  • U-Pick and Wild-crafting of herbs, mushrooms, berry, fruit and nut crops

  • Nursery plants, trees and seeds

  • Day hikes camping and cabin rentals

  • Forest-to-table feasts

  • Event hosting for your ceremonies, small gatherings and workshops

  • Permaculture Design consultations for home, farm and business

  • Sustainably harvested timber products and firewood
  • Workshops on forest farming, permaculture and the sustainable arts

 Click "Become a Member",  you will be sent to the farm store. Select the membership level that is right for you, your family and forest loving friends!  You will receive a code that is used to debit purchases made on our website, at the farm or for delivery at a weekly distribution location.


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